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2 definitions by crazylegsdave

When a member of an athletic team sits on the bench for so long that he develops an injury.
The other day I played a basketball video game and following the game I was immediately notified that Steve Novak was injured with back spasms. The problem was he was in street clothes and listed as inactive in the game he was supposedly injured in. He is one of the worst rated players on the game, and with the "injury", his ratings dipped further. He may never see the court again after this. Therefore, he really suffers from chronic benchitis.
by crazylegsdave January 13, 2010
When on a golf course, you hit a shot, usually off the tee, which sounds perfect, but travels airborne at a very low trajectory, typically going 50-150 yards.
I'm not sure what's wrong with my game. These shots I hit sound and feel good, but I keep hitting this low cut shit down the fairway.

He's an okay golfer, but could be a lot better, because he always hits a bunch of low cut shit.
by crazylegsdave April 06, 2014