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One of the sexiest models ever. sexy big tits, big bubble butt, round hips, spankable a living fantasy.
guy 1: yo Mileena Hayes is hell a sexy isnt she
guy 2: you know it.
by crazyjay666 December 29, 2011
Assyrians are people that live in many parts of the middle east. Assyrians had a huge history a long time ago in this time they live with traditions of persia. Assyrians are dark skinned people with dark curly wavy hair, Assyrian are the sexiest people on earth unless their over 30. Assyrians are the only middle easterns who laugh and make fun of terrorism. Assyrians never let go of what race they are as long as they have assyrian blood in them their assyrian nothing less. assyrian are not white, their either brown, olive or heavy tanned, assyrians that are born in iran are sometimes yellow.
20 girls of different races are sitting checking a man out
asian girl: who is he, how is he that hot
latina: he's assyrian
by crazyjay666 October 29, 2011
sjean is a rare name though it has a thoroughly clear description of the man by that name. sjean describes a man who watches porno because its the closest thing to sex he will ever have and grow up to be a 90 year old virgin.
sjeans parents: sjean time for dinner
sjean: im watching hentai
by crazyjay666 October 30, 2011
^in the definition above^
the name was actually supposed to be (sjeaun) with a U.
Sjeaun not sjean
by crazyjay666 December 29, 2011

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