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This is the day after December 21, 2012 (supposedly the apocalypse). On this day, people will feel like an asshole for believing the world will end the day before.
Person 1: What day is it?

Person 2: December 22, 2012...

Person 1: What!?! So the world didn't end?

Person 2: No...we're still alive.

Person 1: Great!! Now I feel like an asshole!!!
#december 12 2012 #2012 #mayan calendar #12-21-2012 #dec. 2012
by crazyhead June 03, 2009
December 12, 2012 is NOT the date of the apocalypse. Many other dates were set as the end-day, but time still went on after that.

This is the date that the ancient Mayan Calendar says that this era of time will end. According to the Mayan, the human race will "change." Some have speculated that it will be a change in our politics, culture, climate of the world, or even evolution. Others believe nothing will actually happen on this date.
Person 1: OMG!!! The world's gonna end in December 12, 2012!!!

Person 2: No it won't!!!
#2012 #12-21-2012 #mayan calendar #dec. 2012 #21-12-2012
by crazyhead June 03, 2009
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