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That TV show the three guys at your school library watch and quote constantly, to the extent where you will never, ever feel the urge to read a book again. Plots range from old toys from the 80s killing each other to old toys from the 80s doing nothing whatsoever for three seconds at a time.

It is available on DVD in Australia, but is not broadcast on Australian TV, thus the complete marketing geniuses at Adult Swim have insured yet another commercial sucess. See also sarcasm.
Harryy: "OMG, did you guys watch Robot Chicken last night?"
Jeff: "No, I was watching a real show."
Harry: "Spiderman killed Superman! There was plasticine blood everywhere! ROFL!"
Jeff: "Hm, yeah, have you talked to your psychiatrist about your blood soaked Lego figures?"
Harry: "She's not a fan, no."
by crazychickenguy November 26, 2007
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