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Flaming amazing scrambled pancakes.
Usually concocted when baked, in need of munchie relief.
Kathy- Dude, I'm friggin starving

Tiffani- Let's make some pancakes!

-15 Minutes Later-

Kathy- This is gonna be awesome!

Tiffani- Yea, but these are some pretty fucked up flampakes.
#pancakes #baked #munchies #delicious #starving
by crazybitch001 December 28, 2008
Nauseatingly Awesome. Amazing. Kick-fucking-ass.
Tiffani- Dude, that black ice and knobb's creek and all that weed last night was crazy!

Kathy- It was Nausome!

Tiffani- Literally! I puked 4 times!
#awesome #nauseating #wonderful #kickass #fun
by crazybitch001 December 28, 2008
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