3 definitions by crazy_for_sex

When two males, violate eachother with their dicks. They rub their dicks against the other persons. They both enjoy it, and makes them groan like CRAZY!
Johnny: AHHHHHHHHHH!! penis sex..
Micheal: Your penis is so smooth.
by crazy_for_sex December 26, 2007
when the girl gets chocolate milk and poors it in the vagina. And then pee's in her boyfriends/girlfriends mouth. and it tastes like eggs and fish.
i want to vagina shit in your mouth.
by crazy_for_sex December 26, 2007
Where a female, sucks a black males penis. He skeets on her tongue, and she starts to cry. Then the skeet and tears mix, and that is nigger juice.
i gave her some nigger juice and she cried like a baby.
by crazy_for_sex December 26, 2007

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