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Anything you need it to be. Can either be used as a noun or adjective.
a) Shelly, shove that cock right up her JOONT.
b) I'm going to joont that shit out until it's loose like a mother.
c) Joont that shit like its a dirty hoes joont.
by crazy joont March 15, 2003
- Used by Asian Caribbean's in times of excitation. Ie) Chinese Jamaican's or Chinese Trini's.
- Can be shortened to just "seed"
a) What the bumba seed, did you see that mans first gouj'ed all into that hoes joont?
b) What the seed!
by crazy joont March 15, 2003
To dig aggressively.
Gouj your fist into that lady's joont
by crazy joont March 15, 2003
Homosexual men who actively participate in the art of goujing ones cock into another mans rass.

-see gouj
-see rass
Charlie is Frank's batty rider.
by crazy joont March 15, 2003

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