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A store owned by Abercrombie and fitch which tailors to the "surfer" image. They sell their shirts tight, their shorts big, and all of it is just a bit less expensive than Abercrombie and Fitch. They have some nice stuff- their jeans and shorts and shirt are durable, and most everything I own from their is very comfortable to wear. They do cater to guys and glas who like to keep good care of themselves, but I don't know a single girl or guy who shops at Hollister and is gay. The Gay ones that I know all shop at Urban outfitters, Gap and Banana Republic.
Guy: I like this polo. A&F has one like it for 20 bucks more.

Girl: I like this skirt. Who cares if someone doesn't? I'm not the one dressing them.
by crazy fiy April 23, 2005
what gay horses eat.
i once ran into mr. ed.

i asked him about his diet.

he said, "haaaaay!"
by crazy fiy March 12, 2005

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