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A drink alternative offered in lieu of Sunny Delight. Nobody really knows quite what it tastes like because of how often it is overlooked. It resides in the back of the refrigerator and is usually offered as part of a long list of other beverages that will always end with Sunny D, whereupon all those present get excited and invariably choose the Sunny D.
Only one person is ever documented drinking the purple stuff. He was a little fat kid with glasses wearing a "No Fear" shirt. All of the more althetic kids got in front of him a drank the entire bottle of Sunny D. He was left with the purple stuff. He drank some... and was never seen again.
by crazy b January 09, 2006
Flimsy sheet of paper encased in cardboard. Usually put above the fireplace on the mantle or on the refrigerator with a magnet. Signifies completion of about 4 year of college work. Contain faux signatures of several leading authorities at the institution. Makes parents happy and gives suburban kids a scary sense of freedom because they are no longer supported financially.
Successful Adult: Diploma, eh? Yes. Yes. I remember getting mine. You know, I work in a field that is totally unrelated to my major in college. Oh, well. Enjoy your diploma. Yep, those were the best years of my life.
by crazy b January 09, 2006
Hooking up with a grandma, mom, and daughter all from the same bloodline on the same day. A near impossible manuever, especially when considering the legality of the daughter and the nauseatingly old grandma.
The Trifecta has happended only twice in recorded human history. Once by Baron Hans Fucksalot of Stockholm in 1893 and later by Emperor Fabulous Mastadonia in 1914. This latter Trifecta was committed on the family of Franz Ferdinand and is acknowledged to be the direct cause of the first World War.
by crazy b May 01, 2005
A boner so strong and substantial that's it utterly incapacitating. It's the kind of boner dreams are made of.
Sometimes when I was a little kid they would just pop out of nowhere and I became completely immobile.
by crazy b February 10, 2005
When you're driving along a bumpy road, and the constant bumping around makes your body get confused due to all the penis flopage occuring within your pants, and to your surprise you get a boner. Also known as a "brb."
While taking the buggy for a spin I got a bumpy road boner and had to lie about why I didn't want to get up from the drivers seat. "I'm just checking the gauges," I said.
by crazy b February 11, 2005
The paper bag the liquor store gives you when you buy a 40 or some other assortment of malt beverage. Best used for concealing alcohol in public, even though everyone knows you're drinking alcohol, and for "cooling" the beverage to give it a crisp, yet smooth falvor.
Sittin' in the park the compton cooler was the only choice for my Micky's.
by crazy b May 03, 2005
Similar to the Fire-Breathing Dragon. It's when the girl is giving you a blowjob, and you thrust her head down all the way down making her think you're about to climax, but instead you magiacally pee in her mouth and it comes squirting out her nose just like a dragon.
She didn't see it coming one bit.
by crazy b April 15, 2005
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