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22 definitions by crazy

a small dick that is much girthier than it is long, like a 1 inch long penis that is as wide as a pringles can.
becky wants a chode times a pencil, that apparently means huge, bitch
by crazy February 05, 2004
a bunch of hot as russian girls and russian guyz chillin on the internet tryin to hook up or get laid
whutup sweety u lookin mad good holla back 11
by crazy September 09, 2003
The act of neural wrapping his fat lips around a large or small male reproduction organ and sucking till ejaculation
Man neural`sucks`da`cock alot doesnt he?
by crazy July 10, 2003
When becky sucks the cum out of someones ass whole, or when someone sucks it out of hers
they feltched all night, becky is definately a feltcher, "He'll feltch your ass man"
by crazy February 05, 2004
people who go to concerts to use other people's shit
scene junkie: pass that shit over
fucked up attendee: fuck no scene junkie!
by crazy April 17, 2003
A movie in which a scary deranged woman, who likes to wear yodelling costumes to the oscars, where's a tight, skanky, yellow bikers outfit, and parades around killing people named bill.
"Wow I love your yellow suit. Are you from Kill Bill? Will you screw me now?"
by Crazy December 08, 2004
one who smokiths thy marijuana
Dave Sobilo is a good example of a modern day pothead.
by CraZy February 07, 2004