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a really crappy person who uses fruity loops to make music and yes he is fruity...and his music isnt black metal or ambeience its total shit.
Shadow0fdeath is a retard
by Crazy Eddie April 20, 2005
A ninja way of fighting with deadly farts. People trained in this style are most deadly of all ninjas. They are silent. Most of the time.
Man i learned some fartjitsu, now i can whoop some tail!
by Crazy Eddie April 26, 2005
someone who is addicted to taking large craps and smelling them for endless hours.

Anal bandit cleaveland steamer
Pulling a Cyrus
Man Bobby Joe is such a crap addict
by Crazy Eddie April 21, 2005
a large decorated goblet(cup)that a pimp drinks out of.
Hey check out that Goblet of pimpness.
by Crazy Eddie April 20, 2005
One who fondles fecal matter.

(Syn.) Turd Burgler, Shit Stealer, Crap Grabber, Poop Scooper, Loaf Licker.

see Fecal
Joe: What are you doing in the toilet?
Bob: Playing with crap!
Joe: You Fecal Fondler
by Crazy Eddie April 19, 2005
a really annoying way to say snack!
man i need 35 cents more to buy some schnackums
by Crazy Eddie April 19, 2005
someone who is a compleate and total retard can be a nukk on the other hand smeone who is extremly cool is also a nukk. Like billy mays!
Cool Kid#1: Sup Nukk
Cool Kid#2: Not Much Home Slice

Retard: Uh dOY doy doy errmmm ugh!
by Crazy Eddie April 19, 2005
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