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A "Skeenis" is the laziest or lamest dude in a given group of people. It could even be his nickname.
Victor- Hey Jimbo, did you bring me that bottle of malt liquor I asked you for?

Jimbo- No man. I thought you were just joking!

Victor- You're such a skeenis man!


Ulysses- What the hell? What skeenis left these Cheez-It crumbs all over my bed? Oh my...is that a turd?

Dick- Sorry dude. Guess I got drunkadelic with some change I found in your drawers and then passed out in your room. As it turns out, I shit in your bed also.

Ulysses- Good Lord, Dick. You're a real skeenis.
by crapburglar July 18, 2012

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