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on some magical occasions, whilst rubbing a clitoris, a cloud of smoke may exit the vagina heralding the arrival of a genie. This genie may grant any one vagina related wish, from regular sex to dp to fisting and on and on. Just don't ask the vagenie for anal sex as this can only be granted by the assgenie. Such requests make the vagenie angry and can often backfire.
Sam rubbed and rubbed Barbara's clit until the blue smoke swirled from her vagina and the vagenie appeared. Sam ignorantly said, "Oh Great Vagenie, please grant me the pleasure of fucking Barbara in her dumper." This made the vagenie very angry as dumper sex is the providence of his cousin, the assgenie. Instead of what Sam wanted, the vagenie granted one queef from Barbara right in Sam's face, then disappeared. Better luck next time, Sam.
by crancix June 22, 2010
to have sex with; verb
Bill put on his favorite cologne before his date, as that always led to somebody getting podurgieled.
by crancix July 31, 2009
the semen that drips back out of the vagina once a freshly sexed female stands up or otherwise squirts out. Its intended use is to mix with tuna or spread on bread for the post coitus snack.
Samantha reached into her bedside table and pulled out her tablespoon which she held under her vagina as she stood up to catch the freshly produced vaginnaise. She never likes more than a tablespoon of vaginnasie in her tuna as she has to keep her girlish figure.
by crancix June 22, 2010
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