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When someone turns their back on the pop culture explosions of the 20th and 21st centuries e.g. facebook and returns to a simpler way of getting kicks, like reading an actual book or talking face to face with actual friends. It can be used in two ways, 1. derogatory i.e. someone is being a fuddie-duddie with no sense of fun or 2. that someone is so far ahead of the masses that they are already in the 22nd century!
One day Julie woke up and realised what a waste of time it had been focusing her interest on meaningless fads for the masses. Whether she was using acronyms instead of full phrases, socialising on facebook or planking (whatever that was) by turning her back on these fads - ("that's SOO 22nd Century!") - she was propelled into the future... where she had hardly any friends at all but a vastly better quality of life than before.
by crackfoxy May 20, 2011
Laughing Out Loud Alone
LOLA is the lonely persons LOL. Use it in exactly the same way as LOL but add an 'A' - to emphasise the fact that you are laughing out loud alone. You poor thing.
by crackfoxy July 19, 2011
when "laughing out loud" (lol) just doesn't cut it now you can be "crying from laughter" (cfl)
just use cfl instead of lol or HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH or any ridiculously out of control hysteria!
by crackfoxy April 23, 2011
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