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A neighborhood in Northwest Philadelphia. Its bordered by Andorra on the north, Manayunk and East Falls to the south, and Wissahickon Valley to the east. While the precise location of these borders are ambiguous, its reasonable to say that everything northeast of Manayunk Avenue up to Henry Avenue (Ridge Corridor), and everything north of Leverington are part of the borough.

The neighborhood is conveniently located a good distance from violent thugs in Germantown, and the delicate artistes and meatheads of Manayunk.

Roxborough is home to Tony A's, Zagat rated D'Allesandro's Steaks, Jimmy Cannon's famous 4 AM deliveries, a Rita's, Alex's Pizza, Santucci's Pizza, The Adobe Cafe, 3 easy to get to grocers, plenty of good, unpretentious bars, all the major banks, 3 beer distributors, you get the idea.

A great place to be.
Jeff: "So get off at Green Lane and-"

Ashley: "OMG you live in Manayunk?"

Jeff: "No, Roxborough. So you make a left onto main and head up Leverington-"


Jeff: "Bitch, check yourself."
by crackedMack April 11, 2010

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