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Wigger- wanna be black man. Thinks he is cool but is not. Uses words such as faggot, bitch,Big Don Dodda - extent of vocabulary.

Has an internet complex similar to little man syndrome. Thinks he is smart and a badass when in reality he is nothing but a geek with a keyboard.

Can be recognized by his spite for women due to constant rejection and lame attempts at flaming.
Don't Sing it Bring it reminds me of Mark Wahlberg and Vanilla Ice.
by crackah May 04, 2005
Sexy man beast residing in Florida. Resentment for general populous of Orange County.

Can be recognized by sharp wit and strikingly handsome looks.

no tolerance for stupid people- but then again does anyone have tolerance for stupid people?
Code name vit0- cue my james bond music- NOW
by crackah May 04, 2005
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