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The Welsh language has good swear words. Actually, those are the only Welsh words I know.

Ydy hi'n wir fod Seimon yn bwchio Dafydd?

Simon sure is shafting David.

Welsh people sing well too. I mean, you know that chick whose... young.. and she was in that movie with the singing? she was Welsh, or played a Welsh person. Her father was a drunk rock star.
Timmy: Do you like Dragons?
Sam: Why, yes I do, Timmy.
Timmy: The Welsh flag has a dragon on it, bitch!
Sam: Blow me.
by crabuloux occifer December 01, 2004
Ned's a actor dude from Michigan. He's an ass. A f'king beast. He's also a cheerio. ALSO SEE: JASPAR, YUUKI, THAIR, and NICK.
Ned: Art thou meth stew?
Crabuloux: Yes? This reminds me of... JACK BLACK!
Ned: NOOO!
by crabuloux occifer December 01, 2004

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