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When something is neither good nor bad.
When Karen asked me how I liked her new boyfriend, I said "meh" and gave her a thumbs sideways.
by cq29 February 22, 2010
Here you go.
Dude, why are you wasting time writing "here you go" every time you send an attachment? Just write "HYG" and get two seconds of your life back.
by cq29 January 05, 2010
A person who listens to country music or southern rock, but is not from the south.
Steve: I was rocking out so hard to that new Brooks & Dunn song that I almost spilled my latte.

Mike: Man, your such a white neck.
by cq29 February 22, 2010
To send an e-mail with the intent of angering the recipient.
Joe was trying to e-voke me by sending a picture of himself with my ex-girlfriend.
by cq29 February 22, 2010
To check one's pockets for cell phone/wallet/keys before jumping in a pool or the ocean.
I always do a self patdown before I jump in the water.
by cq29 June 01, 2010
Having only one child and not wanting anymore.
Mary: So when are you all going to have more kids?

Carol: Are you kidding? We are so one and done.
by cq29 February 22, 2010
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