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A new wave of stuck up suburban kids between the ages of 13 and 17 who just recently started listening to bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, and who think they are better than everyone because of it. They must wear that one Led Zeppelin shirt that all of their other classic rock friends own, or a Dark Side of the Moon shirt, that again, every classic rock kid must own. Discussions usually consist of talking about how people just dont get how awesome classic rock is, and how The Beatles, "Floyd" ,"Hendrix", "Zeppelin" (a true classic rock kid is on a last name basis with all classic rock bands) changed their life, even though they said the same thing about Linkin Park a year earlier. Sometimes they get so caught up in talking about how awesome Deep Purple and Queen are, that they begin to say how much "better things were back then", even though they just began high school. In this case, they must be smacked in the face immediately. Records on vinyl are a must too, because CDs dont "sound as good".
Classic rock kid 1 (wearing a "Zeppelin" shirt): Yeah, I know, new music is just horrible compaired to the classics.

Classic rock kid 2 (wearing a "Floyd" shirt): Yeah, Zeppelin rules, is that shirt new?

Classic rock kid 1: No, everyone has it.

Classic rock kid 2: Sweet, lets go listen to The Beatles and tell people how awesome we are.

Me: *smacks both kids in the face*
by cprhl September 11, 2006

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