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when a dude has been jizzed in, he takes a dump on his homo friend. When it comes out, its nice and glazed. Like a yum yum.
homo1:i love your bum

Homo2: frosty homo me NYEEEWW
by cpold November 26, 2009
when your about to skeet in the woman randomly slap her on the poon, then make her unconcious with a headbutt to the face. whilst unconcious, poop on her chest. wait for her to wake up and when she does, she will bend over in pain as you slapped her vagina, then notice the poop on her chest. then you must run away. This is because she runs after you, bent over, throwing poop whilst being very angry. hence 'angry primate'
Dude1: look out! an angry primate!!!!

Dude2: sweeeeet, thanks for the heads up, gimme some *high five*
by CPOLD November 24, 2009

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