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1 definition by cpkay

1. when you wake up in the morning and you have a raging boner because you had a long night of drinkin' or smokin' so you haven't pissed in a while, making you're morning wood hurt even worse than usual due to the large build-up of piss in your boner, like water in a garden hose.

2. useful garden tool for watering your plants.
1. Guy at Urinal: "Dude you have a fuckin' boner"

Guy # 2: "I know, I had a long night at the pub so I passed out before I could take a leak, had a dream about Pam Anderson, and woke up with a fuckin' garden hose."

2. "Honey pass me the garden hose so I can water my tulips."
by cpkay September 15, 2010
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