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one who you talk to on msn constantly but if you saw them in the street you would both act and feel like complete strangers.
Jerry got his msn friend sam's address from one of his other friends and talked to her a lot on msn; however when they met for the first time they acted like complete strangers and it was exceedingly awkward.
by cozmicmass February 18, 2007
A name which pikeys use to describe themselves often while spitting on their own garments and claiming that their fathers are boxers.
pikey1: My dad's a boxer!
pikey2: This go cart cost a tousand pounds!
me: (mumbles) goddam gypsies
pikey1: We're not gypsies we're travellers you cunt faced piece o' shite
me: Yeah well you've just gobbed on your trousers
pikey1: *silence*
by cozmicmass February 15, 2007

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