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Also commonly used as "Fat Nast Ging" or "Fat Nast" (in short); it is a Ginger/Ging/someone with gingervitus that is overly over-weight, ugly as fuck, releases a deadly odour, has a morbit amount of freckles and pasty skin, or a combination of all these exaples. Fat Nasty Gingivitus is a rare deadly disease that happens to Gingers that wear flat billed hats with dollar signs on them, exco, fake chains, and exessivly smoke to be cool. They are normally extremely depressed and don't have many friends. Sometimes it is also brought on by excessive abuse from his/her parents.

It is advised that if you come in contact with a fat nasty ging that you wash the areas that wer touched 10+ times with the highest grade of anti-fatnastging soap. If disease spreads, or stays for longer then 2 days, seak medical attetion immediately! FAT NASTY GINGERVITUS IS EXTREMELY CONTAGIOUS!
Harry: OMG that guy is so fat nast!
Donald: Stay away from him, you don't know what diseases it may be carrying!


Teniqua: EWWWWW look at that Fat Nasty Ging!
TeSahwna: OMFG runnnnn!!!!


Jelawnda: That fat ginger kid thinks he's so cool smoking. What a Fat Nasty Ging!
Lefawnda: He smells sooo bad too, hopefully I don't get the disease!
by cowboys87 February 08, 2008

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