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22 definitions by cow

Shortcut for 'Orgasmic';
hot fine sexual
Have you seen 'Troy'? Brad Pitt is o-mic!!!
by COW May 18, 2004
7 3
A system critical bug.
neonBug (tm)!
by Cow April 30, 2004
6 2
An extremley rare thing, caused through influence of incompetent coders, such as The Mysterious X.
I've never seen a CowBug(tm) which wasn't caused by shamelessly copying code from TMX!
by Cow May 06, 2004
5 3
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows is full of neonBugs!
by Cow May 04, 2004
3 4
To chew excess scrotal skin.
<Sekt> I chew on the scrote.
by Cow March 21, 2003
1 2
the perfect baby, all the fun, practically none of the poop. virtually unlimited attention span! cute as a frigging button. matches most decors!
Girl 1: i dont want to pop out any creatures out of my twat
Girl 2: you dont have to, there is always an instant baby!
by cow September 04, 2003
2 6
a man who excels above others
man, you're such a DiscoFever
by cow March 21, 2003
2 6