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Shortcut for 'Orgasmic';
hot fine sexual
Have you seen 'Troy'? Brad Pitt is o-mic!!!
by COW May 18, 2004
A system critical bug.
neonBug (tm)!
by Cow April 30, 2004
An extremley rare thing, caused through influence of incompetent coders, such as The Mysterious X.
I've never seen a CowBug(tm) which wasn't caused by shamelessly copying code from TMX!
by Cow May 06, 2004
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows is full of neonBugs!
by Cow May 04, 2004
To chew excess scrotal skin.
<Sekt> I chew on the scrote.
by Cow March 21, 2003
the perfect baby, all the fun, practically none of the poop. virtually unlimited attention span! cute as a frigging button. matches most decors!
Girl 1: i dont want to pop out any creatures out of my twat
Girl 2: you dont have to, there is always an instant baby!
by cow September 04, 2003
a man who excels above others
man, you're such a DiscoFever
by cow March 21, 2003
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