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22 definitions by cow

Celene is hott, Like a stripper, but not, she is my wife and I'LL kick your ass if you get near her.. And another definition of Celene is, (Hot/ horny /crazy girls)
Celene makes me horny...
by Cow March 22, 2004
139 36
dazzling looks and influential personality
he's so totally zee!
by cow January 27, 2005
172 80
X out I'm going to kick your ass part, Its a hott girl that you don't see every day that makes you want to jack off right on the spot..
Celene makes me horny.
by Cow March 22, 2004
134 44
Awesome journal service, with MUCH more options than livejournal, such as image hosting, photo galleries, 1000 icons, etc. Most of the things you pay for on LJ are given for free on here (except the "name.journal.com").
Most commonly called "GJ"
Wow, GJ is so much better than LJ!
by Cow June 23, 2004
106 50
A State thats pretty much like every other state, yet for some reason people pick on it more than any other state in the union. Talk about a jealous bunch
California fucking rocks. But so does every other state. Now shut the fuck up and go to work.
by Cow July 05, 2003
193 174
one of the coolest guys on the planet
Dustfinger is awesome
by Cow April 01, 2005
52 35
An expression of a sound created after being slapped
PIAK! She slapped me.
by cow December 10, 2004
25 10