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The SLVR (pronounced "sliver", not "silver"), is the newest Motorola phone. It is even thinner than the RAZR (and I thought that was impossible) and now has a built-in MP3 from iTunes.

Simple equation:
Moto SLVR = ROKR + RAZR + $$
1-Hey man, I'm getting the new Motorola SLVR!
2-Oh really!
1-Yeah, man! I'm spending like 200+ dollars!
2-What are you gonna do with your RAZR?
1-I dunno...probably break it.
by cousin skeezer February 16, 2006
To pull a bode is to completely screw up, blow, or dissapoint. One way of doing this is falling way short of your expectations.

The verb "bode" comes from the skiier Bode Miller, who in the 2006 Winter Olympics, did not win ANY medals, when he was expected to win 3 or so.
Maurice Clauret pulled a Bode when he screwed up at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.
by cousin skeezer February 26, 2006

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