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2 definitions by cousin paul

creates apathy when used habitually.
the world needs more apathy, so we should all do drugs
by cousin paul April 03, 2007
The leftr wing is people on the side of the political spectrum who are not proud of their country.They and the media have bashed every single military operation since world war II.It is actualy they who wil perpetuate the down fall of western civilization due to their tollerance of destructive things. ( terrorism, abortion,gay marrige)
*shooting a 22 in my back yard when left wing person pokes his head over the fence*

left wing person:"we can not tollrate this violence in our communty, we must up lift our neighborhoods so that people of all terrorist back ground can feel welcome here so that we may all attend the gay weding at wich we will protest to all and anything the goverment does "

me: riiiiiiight, *shoots left wing person several times in face with 22*

by cousin paul March 14, 2007