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A pillowfriend is someone who is super awesome. Different from calling someone your best friend, but similar at the same time. The name was created after "Pillow Talk", a creation for long distance lovers. Of course, the "friend" part of pillowfriend takes the idea and turns it into something for internet friends. Pillowfriends are wonderful, amazing, and simply care about each other so much that all they wish to do is comfort and cuddle the other pillowfriend. They would purchase the "Pillow Talk" wristbands in order to hear each others heartbeat at night while they sleep, and it would enable both people to hear their pillowfriends heartbeat.
Person 1: Hey, did you hear about that new Pillow Talk product?
Person 2: Yeah, it sounds cool. I'm thinking about getting it for me and my pillowfriend.
by courtnee da bomb August 07, 2013
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