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Adj. - Eerily quiet. As in so quiet you could hear a pin drop.
cougre: Its sprint in here.
Knight: Yeah. Kinda spooky.
Deltan: Back to work you two.
cougre: Its not sprint anymore!
by cougre April 18, 2007
(verb) Stress relief by taking your aggressions out in a good round of Oblivion. (etymology: Oblivion + Alleviate)
cougre picks up a trout and threatens everyone with it.
reaper: Chill out cougre, before someone gets hurt.
cougre: You're right. I'd better obliviate some of this stress.
<cougre fires up Oblivion and draws his sword.>
Cobra_Girl: Whew. That was close. :)
by cougre April 18, 2007

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