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this term is used when you've already scored the DILF and have determined that he's a Dad I'd Like to Fuck More Often
I know I've already slept with him once, but he's hot and a definite DILFMO.
by cougarcub June 26, 2009
This is the term used to describe the desire to sleep with a specific MILF repeatedly...Mom I'd Like to Fuck More Often
He used to call her a MILF, but now that he's already hit it, he's upgraded her to a MILFMO.
by cougarcub June 26, 2009
An ultimate marathon of cuddling, which can only be attended by true Cuddle Champs
You have to be a very lucky guy/girl to be invited back to the Cuddlympics every Saturday and Sunday morning.
by cougarcub September 24, 2009
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