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10 definitions by cotton hill(killed 50 men)

The most kick ass kind of auto racing in the world.
No other country can fuck with us.
England broke the 300 MPH barrier just this year with a 4.97 at 304.
KENNY BERNSTEIN ran a 4.82 at 301.70 on March 20 1992 which makes me wonder what their problem is over there.
The UK way of doing things is puss.
Leave it to the hardcore redneck americans to do stuff the REAL way.
by cotton hill(killed 50 men) May 16, 2003
56 13
People that race funny cars and dragsters are the most hardcore drivers in the the world.
They dont care if they live or die they just DONT CARE!
Driving an indy or winston cup car down the dragstrip WOULD be easy because their not designed for acceleration and they only have 800 to 1200 HP
You have to fight a dragster to keep it going straight and that 6000 HP can be heard from 7 miles away (I always stand at the starting line only 50 feet away from the eyeball rattling retch and my ears just take a beating)
by Cotton Hill(killed 50 men) August 01, 2003
32 5
A 6,000 horsepower hellride with a wretched treacherous noise
If your real bad youll watch without plugging your ears.
You have to be hardcore to do it
by cotton hill(killed 50 men) March 14, 2003
42 24
A homemade firecracker that makes an M-80 sound like a cap gun
I threw a co2 bomb down the toilet of the other teams satellite at the high school football game
by cotton hill(killed 50 men) March 13, 2003
12 11
A Buick made from 70 to 72 with the coolest one being the apollo white 70 with the stage 2 engine known to run 10.50 quarter miles
I raced a mach 1 mustang at a light and butt fucked it with a broken bottle
by cotton hill(killed 50 men) March 13, 2003
16 28
the unknown who wrote sidewinder is second rate and doesent want to cause anyone too much trouble
I left MY sidewinder in the sink and then shut off the water at the valves under the sink and took the handles
by cotton hill(killed 50 men) March 20, 2003
1 15
she said ouch because it was a needle dick and you missed and pricked her leg
sarcomax could fuck hank hills narrow urethra
by Cotton Hill(killed 50 men) March 07, 2003
17 36