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The act of masturbating, while mowing your front or back yard on a ride-on lawn mower.
Austin drove past Buckets house the other day and caught him mowbating hardcore on his John Deere.
by cosbysweater12 May 21, 2011
The sexual act of defacating in a girls mouth, then vigorously skull fucking her. After ejaculating in her mouth aswell, the inside of her mouth should resemble a flaky pancake.
This morning Josh gave me a flaky pancake. It was the best breakfast I've ever had!
by cosbysweater12 November 29, 2010
Simply put, it's the combination of crysturbating and zombating. It is the act of masturbating in a public restroom, making moaning noises as if you were a zombie, but your also crying while doing this, due to being very upset about something.
That gross bastard Brandon took things to a whole new level after he got dumped by his gf. I found him cryzombating in the Wal-Mart bathroom!
by cosbysweater12 May 21, 2011

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