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Someone of filthy mind and mouth.
Lauren is a complete filth bag but tries to deny it.
by correctionalshoesboy June 25, 2004
Boyfriend, husband, credit card on legs or other that has been coerced into coming shopping for the purposes of carrying bags and/or paying for purchases.
I've been dragged all over town by my wife as a shopping mule and am now many pounds lighter. Thank God for The Boyfriend Chair!
#shopping sherpa #the boyfriend chair #shopping #husband #boyfriend #victim
by correctionalshoesboy April 14, 2009
Intensely smoking one or more cigarettes in anticipation of a period where one will not be able to smoke such as a plane journey or interminable work meetings. Like carbo-loading but slightly less healthly.
Outside the airport, you can see the huddle of smokers nico-loading in anticipation of their journeys.
#nicotine #smoking #nico-loaders #smoker #health
by correctionalshoesboy March 23, 2009
The progressive addition of requirements into a project (especially software) after the specification has been completed. This can result in bloat and an end product that seems to have lots of extra bits attached with duct tape.

This is often caused by managers or consultants that do not have a clear view of what product development entails and start sentences with "How easy would it be to..."
Just to warn you: Will is the king of feature creep. If he suggests another feature to you, tell him to run it by me first. That'll calm him down.
by correctionalshoesboy July 09, 2004
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