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When you give a compliment, quickly followed by a rationalization of the circumstances, which takes away all the joy of the compliment.
Origins of how "to pull a Mr. Fox"; from The Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl -

Mr. Fox to Ms. Fox: "By the way, you look unbelievably beautiful tonight. You're practically glowing." He then looks up and around him. "Maybe it's the lighting."
by corpisal.delictimus December 18, 2009
When you are mentioning something you did, something you are wearing, etc. to make someone else give you a compliment for it.
The following are examples of "To Fish for a Compliment":

Her: Oh, I'm so tired of baking. These cinnamon rolls took me all day to make.
Him: And they sure do taste wonderful!
Her: I guess I fished for that compliment.

One girl to her friend: I was so lucky to get this sweater on sale last Thursday.
The friend: It looks great on you!

Husband: Man, I'm tired of changing tires on all our cars.
Wife: Thank you so much for doing it. I really appreciate it.
by corpisal.delictimus December 18, 2009

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