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1. To piss someone off extremely bad
2. (Verb) The act of pissing someone off. Dog refers to ones penis and the yanking of implies how uncomfortable it is when someone yanks it
3. A phrase often used to express frustration and anger
PD2K: I let Bill borrow my car the other day and he forgot to take the parking brake off and drove all over town with it

Chode: Wow! I bet that yanked your dog

PD2K: Na bro. It really fucking yanked my dog
by cornholous February 19, 2010
1. Someone who spreads herpes

2. A term used to direct someones attention away from a potential mate
Guy1 to Girl1: Hey there sweetheart how ya doin this evening

Girl1: Good your looking handsome

Guy2 walks up to Guy1 and Girl1

Guy2 to Guy1: How ya doin you ole herpes spreader?

Girl1: Thinks OMG thats not good

Girl1 to Guy2: You wanna shoot some pool or something

Girl1 and Guy2 walk away from Guy1
by cornholous February 19, 2010

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