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The noob usually is a guy new to a game that is unpolite and thinks he pwnz that game.Most of time they use caps and scream stupid things that make no sense.Dont think of newbs,that are new players to a game but polite to others and more mature than noobs are and that usually dont use caps and scream.
Cornery:Cosmicray you go MainTank Sartharion?
Cosmicray:Sure Cornery
Noob: WTFF!!!!1 WantEd to M41nTankzorrrrz S4rh!!C0000rn333ry u damn fcuking n000bzzz!!LOOOO000L!!1111`~~~~@@@@ LaawwLZZZZ LOLOLoololOlOlOlOlOllloooL 1337 7331 i pwn thizzz game!!LoooLLOLOLOLOLOLOL 1337

Joekicks:Campbell89 can you please stop killing the guys from your team?
Campbell89:S00rry5555 but i c4nt s33 gra55 ar0und.

Noob:U D4mn Fcu1ng dick-azz me didnt ask iu if iu wantz to boostz me i t0ld iu to bootz meh!LOoooLolooolLOOOoollOO~~~!11111!!@@@
Newb:I'm sorry if I'm asking to much but you could give me a boost somewhere?

by cornery February 24, 2009

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