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Chilling out and or relaxing while pooping.
Usually done while using a smartphone, tablet or laptop to check things online or play games or taking in a book/magazine and reading.
Dude.. I just went for a 30 minute choop!
#pooping #chilling #relaxing #chillaxing #shitting
by corkysru June 29, 2012
To completely screw something up by yourself with no intervention/complications by any one else.

Came from:

Santonio Holmes injured his foot in the open field with no one around, fell to the ground and threw the football up in the air with out being touched so it was a fumble. Play resulted in a fumble recovery and return for a touchdown by the defense. Happened on the Jets/49ers game on 9/30/2012.
Dude... quit holmsing-it every time you go ask her out.
#fuck up #screw the pooch #screwed up #fumble #self inflicted
by corkysru October 11, 2012
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