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D.R.U.G drug or drugs

cocaine,cokaine, coke, white-powder, snow, primo (when mixed with marijawanna), Blow , snow-ball

substince grown from (a plant) broken down, broken up,dried out, and eventually...snorted
me:yo james you got mo' coka?

james:yea hit this up dawg

wheres tha coka' when you need it!
by corey brinkley July 13, 2006
mutilate or fuck up
to cut up, kill, slice, karate chop, chop, stab,cut,
dude 1:im'a chopp ya up fool
dude 2:no you aint im'a chopp you up!
dude 1:dude you caint i said i was first!
dude 1:slice... take that bitch...bruce lee! nigga!
by corey brinkley July 13, 2006
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