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3 definitions by corbet

the imaginary food given to someone bitchin or complainin or whinin 24/7. similar to the whambulance service.
So what he cheated on you with your besfriend.... do you want a whamburger and some french cries??
by Corbet January 13, 2007
56 5
Pimpin to its fullest. Pickin up more hoes that you can count.
I c ur thunder pimpin over there, all dem hot lil shortys in ur pic, haha, peace yo!
by Corbet January 13, 2007
2 1
roast beef short for roast beef dangles. nasty dangly female genitalia.
Broski I got that chick back to my place but she had nasty RB, I couldn't beat.
by corbet November 28, 2007
28 29