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A magic spell that teleports two people (or groups of people) to each other's places.
Person 1: Dude, i really thought this gay bar idea would be awesome but now I really don't feel it.

Person 2: I'll get you out of here then. (steps out of the bar) RASAMAFU!
by corals July 18, 2010
When you are doing an uppercut but from the ceiling. Can also be called a downercut.
Person 1: Spiderman punched me in the face while standing on the ceiling.

Person 2: He gave you a reverse uppercut.
by corals July 19, 2010
That which makes you see things you have never ever seen before.
Person 1: Dude if you take this, you'll see things you have never seen before!

Person 2: Like a reverse blindfold?!!??!
by corals July 19, 2010

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