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A magic spell that teleports two people (or groups of people) to each other's places.
Person 1: Dude, i really thought this gay bar idea would be awesome but now I really don't feel it.

Person 2: I'll get you out of here then. (steps out of the bar) RASAMAFU!
#rasamafu #adventure time #witch spells #finn #jake
by corals July 18, 2010
When you are doing an uppercut but from the ceiling. Can also be called a downercut.
Person 1: Spiderman punched me in the face while standing on the ceiling.

Person 2: He gave you a reverse uppercut.
#reverse uppercut #spiderman #not a regular uppercut #sky uppercut #downercut
by corals July 19, 2010
That which makes you see things you have never ever seen before.
Person 1: Dude if you take this, you'll see things you have never seen before!

Person 2: Like a reverse blindfold?!!??!
#dorm life #gopher #reverse blindfold #shane #blindfold
by corals July 19, 2010
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