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a smelly, and often moist vagina. Almost as if it was lubricated with its own smell, rare but true, i have seen it, smelled it and ran. often can be smelt through the offenders jeans
i pulled this fat heff the other night and removed her knickers to reveal a fish pisser, so i left quicktime
by copyrite August 27, 2009
A vagina of the dirtiest kind, often infected with multiple STDs - with a far from pleasant stench. After an encounter within several meters of a 'rotbox'.... the image that springs to mind is that of a witches face - after being violently attacked with an axe.
can you smell her rotbox?

Her cunt smells sooo bad... Im going to call it a rotbox!

Close your legs Jane!
Because I can smell your rotbox!

Her rotbox is a state! She should wash!
by copyrite August 27, 2009

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