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When someone is great at online communication (such as sending flirtatious emails and text messages) but never actually gets the courage to hang out with you in person. A way to pretend you are in a relationship with someone without actually seeing them.
That guy I met at the gym was great at eFlirting but, though we spent a few months emailing and I dropped all kinds of hints, he never actually worked up the nerve to ask me out. What a waste of time!
by Copychick7 July 23, 2008
When someone will send flirty emails and texts, acting like they are interested in you, but when you hang out in person they act all nonchalant and never indicate they are interested in you.
I went out to the movies with that guy last weekend but he never tried to make a move or anything. But then, when I was driving home, he sent me a text talking about how great I am and how much he likes me. Why do I keep meeting guys who only have eCourage??
by Copychick7 July 23, 2008
When something makes you so angry you feel like you are about to pop a blood vessel and have a stroke. Sort of an aneurysm that's caused by uncontrollable rage at someone or something.
When my boss told me at 5 p.m. on Friday that I had to work all weekend, I thought I was going to have an angerysm.
by Copychick7 January 14, 2008
a Latino guy who is so deeply immersed in Southern culture, he has become a card-carrying redneck
Did you see the chico driving a pickup truck with a gun rack in the back and a giant confederate flag painted on it? What a hispaneck!
by copychick7 April 09, 2008

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