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Another term for defecation or shitting, but meant to sound more pleasant, almost in a fun and silly kind of way, so that, when you're telling someone that you need to defecate or shit, it doesn't sound like such a gross-out.
Guy: 'Hey, babe, what's up, no toilet paper again??? I've got to poop-out right NOW!!'
Girl: 'It's ok, honey, just use the paper towels roll, but please don't clog the bowl'
Guy: 'You know I will, babe, gettin' ready to poop-out a horse-dick turd and all'
Girl: 'Ok, but I'm not cleaning your shit-mess off the floor this time, for realz!'
Guy: 'The hell you aren't!!! Better clean it or no sex tonight!'
by coozehound72 September 03, 2010
A term defining the feeling when you fart so hard that is hurts a bit deep inside your rectum. A feeling as if the fart scratched an itch that didn't need such hard scratching, and there may not have been an itch that needed scratching in the first place. An ouch-fart is similar to an itch-fart but much more intense. After the pain of the ouch-fart subsides, one usually feels a zen-like trance of beauty and acceptance come over them and then they may feel like having sex, drinking alcohol or getting hammered on some kind of heavy drugs, as their lowest of the low chakra has been stimulated through such an intense fart.
Guy: 'Pffffrrrrrtttt!!!! Youchie!!!'
Girl: 'Ooooh, gross, don't do that in bed, babe!'
Guy: 'Ooooff, that one hurt, frickin' ouch-fart, bebe, kind of tickled me deep inside or something. Kinda smarts a little!!!'
Girl: 'You're weird, dude, come and fuck me or something, just no more farting in bed'
Guy: 'Ok, fine, spread that greasy hole wide and I'll ram it home'
by coozehound72 August 30, 2010
A term of endearment, used by a man or a woman, in reference to their partner, after the man ejaculates either inside of or over the other's anus. Also, can be used as a derogatory term for gay men, but only rarely, and in jest amongst straight men, who are feigning 'gayness' for the amusement of friends and/or family.
Gay guy #1: 'Hey there, slippery-tail, how'd you like that last bung-load?'
Gay guy #2: 'Ohhhhh, marvelous, my jizzy-boy, thanks kindly, when may I have another?'
Gay guy #1: 'Hold your horses there, humpy-buns, I gotta reload and do some more coke.
by coozehound72 August 17, 2010
A term for a mousy-type woman, who might wear glasses and have a beak-like nose, and somewhat pretentious about films and stage performances, very dorky about such things and all, and has a preference for melted cheese on almost any other type of food other than unmelted cheese.

A cheese-bird may be known to smear brie on white bread and consider it a delicacy, or eat wheels of cheddar in just a few days. The cheese-bird strays from cheeses like Morbier, Stilton, and Cambazola. The cheese-bird prefers basic American cheeses such as Colby, Monterey Jack, Mild Cheddar, and even Sharp Cheddar too! And scoffs in maniacal laughter at the mention of Velveeta, somewhat pretentious in her faux-expertise on the subject of high-class varieties of American-made cheeses. She may consider her knowledge that 'chevre' is the French equivalent of 'goat cheese', and attempt to advise others, who already know as such, of such inanities.

Cheese-birds are known to fly to Wisconsin for winter, and sometimes, their bellies become so filled with cheese in such a cheese-fueled society there, that they can't fly out of the cheese-bird ponds from too much cheese-weight, and their legs then become frozen there in the icy pond, and they die there, lonely corpses, farting out fetid, sulfuric cheese-farts from their rotted and frozen cheese-bird zombie corpses.
Buddy #1: 'Are you still dating that 'cheese-bird'?

Buddy #2 'Well, kind of.....I mean, last I heard she was working at a renaissance fair, selling pickles and all. She's actually called 'The Pickle Girl', I mean, that's her stage name or whatever.'
Buddy #1: 'Man, when's that cheese-bird flying to Wisconsin, bro?'
Buddy #2: 'Dude, pretty soon, hopefully soon, actually. Pretty sure Renaissance Fair season is over now and all.'
Buddy #1: 'Fuck yeah, yo, maybe she'll get stuck in a cheese-pond, whuuuuttt????'
by coozehound72 September 19, 2010
This is what you call your cock after it's been in someone's ass, male or female, and has a bit of poo or shit encrusted on it.
Check out my assy-cock, babe, that poop came from YOUR asshole, can you believe it??? Weird!!!
by coozehound72 August 24, 2010
Slang term defining the act of shaving a man or woman's genitalia before sex. Usually, done drunkenly, and high on cocaine, though not necessarily, but, most easily done in a bathtub, and very carefully. A sensation much like riding a roller-coaster in that, when shaving someone's pubes from their genitalia whilst drunk and/or high, dangerous outcomes naturally present themselves.
Guy(after pulling off a woman's panties): 'Damn, we're gonna have to have a shave-party before I hit that hair-hole, slaggy-face!'
Girl: 'Ok, sounds fun! Can I have another bump and a shot of tequila first?'
Guy: 'Well, sure, why not? Whyn't you go ahead and draw a bath first and I'll follow you on in with the blow. Sorry to say, but yer' kinna' funky down there too, so wash that hair-hole out real good before our little shave-party, ok, there, pancake-tits?
by coozehound72 August 17, 2010
Derogatory slang-term usually used by men whilst drinking in bars, but could be used in any conversation between men or dyke lesbians, referencing a trashy-looking, low-rent sort of woman with blonde hair. Possibly more used in the South than other parts of the U.S.
'Sure as hell would like to tap that blond-ho at the end of the bar, she looks like a swallower.
by coozehound72 August 17, 2010
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