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Catholic High School on Long Island, close to the Great South Bay. Known for its athletics along with increasingly high SAT scores. In the summer Gilgo beach is 75 percent people who go to or who have gone to St. Johns. Most kids lean towards the "preppy" side of style, but there are a few punks, guidos, and rapper-wannabes thrown in too. Social heiarchy is a major part of the school, but usually students find thier own nook in the first year. The teachers, with the exception of the math department, are helpful and knowledgeable. The rules may seem strict if you have previously gone to public school, but most of them pertain to the uniform, and if you don't screw that up majorly, you can pretty much get away with anything. St. Johns is one of the only Catholic schools on LI that still has a senior prom. Save up for the senior trip to disney too. The spicy chicken sandwich in the cafeteria is awesome.
"I was at gilgo yesterday, and saw 50 people I knew from school, because we all go to St. John the Baptist DHS."
by coolio90000 September 12, 2009

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