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a website made of win, you can find some really useful information on everything paintball here. largest paintball forum on the net, 15th largest forum of any kind.

has many forums, the largest of which being
Small talk.

small talk- the most win of all the forums on PbN. every thread delivers (usually) and ST has actually had a big influence on internet culture (large "caturday" thread, rick roll, etc.) half the people on ST aren't even paintballers and that just goes to show how amazing ST is that it entices people of all sorts. usually any fag who bashes ST is a bitchass and probably can't take being called gay by some other person over the internet because their post failed epically.
ex 1-"dude saw you posted on PbNation yesterday"

"yeah, my Ion's been chopping balls alot for some reason lately, my questions were answered so quickly! turns out my only problem was that i just suck at paintball"

ex 2- "I posted a thread on PbNation in ST yesterday and these kids asked 'who the **** are you?' and called me gay"

"oh, thats probably cuz your whole life is fail."
by coolio345 July 10, 2008

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