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2 definitions by coolcat456

This move can only be performed by a serious stud. The girl you are doing needs to be completely mesmerized that she doesn't even know what's going on. Then you carefully slide your dick out and in her vagina you shove a condom full of fireworks. Light those babies before she realizes and you my friend will have performed the snap crackle vagina.
Just as Cindy thought Johnny was about to say I love you, he shoved a condom full of fireworks into her vagina, and lit them up.
"Haha bitch yo ass has just experienced the snap crackle vagina"
by coolcat456 January 21, 2009
When you feel like you're going to cum but you don't. Sort of like seeing the ghost of that nut you are about to bust.
Brandon has been asking me so long to write this that one can only assume he experiences phancum. And premature ejaculation.
by coolcat456 February 20, 2009