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A nice down to earth community for the most part, with very little real crime to speak about. Income levels are high, but not the wealthiest or richest part of the Houston area by any means. The richest part is in the city of Houston itself and is called River Oaks. This is where all the oil barons live and where homes can average $10 million+ on some streets, like River Oaks Blvd. I should know. Went to school in River Oaks, and I currently live in The Woodlands. In River Oaks, the kids and even some adults are much more snobbier than they are any place in the suburbs. In River Oaks, it's not not unusual to see high school kids drive the latest model Ferraris, whereas in the Woodlands, you typically only see BMWs and other such type cars. Still, the quality of life is not bad for the suburbs and some people actually have some money.
wannabe rich people,nice area, try hard, The Woodlands
by coolbutkind August 22, 2008

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