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A phrase said in short for Totally Cute ~ (Kawaii is Japanese for "cute" - pronounced ka-wa-ee).

Originated in Sydney, Australia by a group called the Totes Kawaii group - a group of anonymous people who befriended each other at a maid cafe interview.
Girl 1: "OMG! Look at that lolita dress!"
Girl 2: "Aww it's totes kawaii~"
by coolbad November 13, 2011
A question with the intention of trolling someone. Used instead of "look over there!" and tricking someone to look. After saying the phrase and tricking someone, you can walk away laughing, thus, confusing many people standing by.
Girl: "see that girl over there?"
Boy: "where? what girl?!"
Girl: "Haha! You just got trolled!"
by coolbad November 09, 2011

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