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a term of dignity and intellect
wow, how anushka of you
by cool dude January 16, 2004
one who overuses the phrase "cute"; happy; giddy; someone who cheers up your life altogether
my life sucks. i need a kirklyn.
by cool dude June 18, 2006
When a woman looks fit from behind, but then turns around and proves to be anything but.
That woman over there has a really bad case of shinerism!
by Cool Dude September 28, 2004
Something you say after a victory to rub in your opponents face
WHASHABAM,take that bitches.
by cool dude March 26, 2005
A lil dickhead sittin behind me right now
by cool dude September 13, 2003
A fifteen year old asian who is annoying on ventrilo.
Kazin is a faggot LOL!
by Cool Dude March 27, 2005
New hot word used to replace almost any fowl or harsh word.
(can be used as)
Trucker eat
Trucker eation
or Trucker ate
That Trucker eatin' moron just trucker ate my sandwich and kicked my trucker eatin' butt out the club.
by cool dude May 22, 2004
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