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From the iconic video of the student question-asker being TASERed, the phrase has come to be synonomous to "lay off, man." It is a minor exclamation of unreasonableness.
"I'm pissed that you missed that goal today."
"Don't tase me, bro."
by Cool Hand Duke November 04, 2007
Named for the famous porn star, the Ron Jeremy event is an accidental occurrence that happens once in a while to people who frequently download television shows and movies from file-sharing platforms.

In order for a Ron Jeremy Event to occur, a show or movie is innocently labeled (i.e. South Park s15e12 - Timmy's Birthday.avi) by whomever is closely guarding his porn from the snoopy wife or girlfriend who hates South Park. An unrelated party then downloads the file expecting innocent content. The file may be opened right away or may sit and share for months before being watched. When it is first opened and the discovery is made, the Ron Jeremy Event has occurred.

As those who relabel their porn keep a small porno-stash, they value quality over quantity. Thus the best porn on the internet is always found in the form of a Ron Jeremy Event.
A: "Did you see the latest episode of Weeds?"
B: "No - I thought I downloaded it, but I ended up having a Ron Jeremy Event."
A: "What did you get?"
B: "Powertool Massacre."
A: "Any good?"
B: "Awesome. I'll burn you a copy."
by Cool Hand Duke October 24, 2007
In Canada, a neighbourhood corner store, not part of a large chain, that is being used as a front to sell drugs. There will be some legitimate business selling soda, cigarettes, and candy bars, but most of the aisles in the store will be full of liquidation merchandise covered in a thick layer of dust.
"If you're going to the bodega, pick me up a pack of smokes."
by Cool Hand Duke February 13, 2008
Abreviated from "Come Here"

What you say to a girl you've been drinking or smoking with prior to your first attempt to kiss her. It's an attempt to attract her attention and give her an early warning before you swoop in. You'll get an instant reaction to determine if you need to abort that kiss.
"I'm so glad you invited me over for a smoke."
by Cool Hand Duke November 04, 2007
A person who shuns marijuana usage. A play on the word cannabis.
Nancy: Say no to drugs.
Ronald: Come on Nance, don't be a can'tabis.
by Cool Hand Duke October 02, 2007
Beware skinny girls who like junk food
Rube: I went to the movies with Kristy and she ate a whole bag of buttered popcorn. I don't know how she stays so skinny
Wiseguy: Caveat Dorito pal.
by Cool Hand Duke October 02, 2007
A chubby girl who is not so fat that she becomes completely sexually unattractive, but is too heavy to be seen socially with. A chubba may be in a lower social stratum and is never higher in status and is often seen as being uninteresting, uninteligent, and generally worthless. A chubba is often a single man's equivalent to a mistress, whom he maintains for sexual purposes whilst shopping around for a more decorative mate.
It's been two months since I've had any ass. I'd better call up my chubba in Riverside.

I'm showing up stag. It's not like I'm going to bring my chubba to a wedding.

I went to see my chubba last night. I felt bad about leaving without flushing her.
by Cool Hand Duke October 02, 2007

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